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The Publisher

RW&D Publishing creates children, teen, and adult fiction. The company's leading series is, The Mysterious Gems. Book number one, The Mysterious Gems: the Black Ruby, begins the reader’s journey into a six book series filled with mystery and intrigue, plot twists, and cliffhanging action. The Mysterious Gems: the Black Ruby is the hottest new edition for the growing company, with the 2nd book of the series, The Mysterious Gems: the Blue Ice Topaz, coming soon.​

Creative vision and talent drives the company forward into a field of fantastical characters, fictional worlds, and changing adventures. The Mysterious Gems series will follow a similar format and structure. Teachers should enjoy exposing students to a sequence of books written in the active voice with no “to be verbs" used in narration, description, or dialogue. Every sentence is written in “active voice” with strong fluid verbs driving the action and suspense.

The author has made attempts to correlate the structural features and content of each book in the series to correspond to all fifty states’ curriculum frameworks, standards, and guidelines for literacy -- writing and reading.

The author/owner, a former administrator and teacher, in several public school systems across the country is well aware of the writing standards and reading requirements of local school districts and classrooms. With an emphasis on comprehensive writing and reading skills at all educational levels, the author is producing a series of books and art that will not only capture the imagination of students, but many reviewers have given positive affirmation of the tale and its impact on their writing styles.

John Howard Jr., Ph.D.
Author, Publisher, and President
RW&D Publishing
13161 Golf Pointe Dr.

Taylor, Michigan 48180

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